We turn
your brand into
a mobile service provider

Ventocom is a mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE). We are your partner to launch your brand in the mobile business.


We are your
one stop partner

  • If you want customized mobile tariffs as a provider under your own brand 
  • If you want to introduce an attractive mobile offer as a CRM tool 
  • If you have a product that needs mobile data connection

and implementation

Project phase from innovative products- and tariff development until the market entry as a mobile service provider typically lasts for 6 months.  


About us

40 years have passed since the introduction of mobile communication in Europe. What started with the 1g analogue network as an exclusive product for a few costumers is now a major part in everybody's daily life.

Despite the importance and the attractiveness of the mobile service market, few brands dominate it until today.

Numerous technical and even bureaucratic barriers were to blame for this.

Ventocom helps your company to overcome these obstacles and provides an easy entry in the mobile service business in her role as a "mobile virtual network enabler" (MVNE).

Contact us

If you

want to offer your customers customized mobile tariffs under your own brand

If you

want to introduce an attractive mobile offer as a CRM tool

If you

have developed an innovative product which requires data connection. The Internet of Things.

We offer you...

secure connection to the host operator, innovative product and tariff development, state of the art customer relationship management and customer billing as well as highly professional customer service and logistics.


Our Services


Connection to the network operator

Product and tariff development

Customer relationship management

Customer billing

Customer service and logistics

The Ventocom Toolbox

Our CRM maintains the product catalog. It has multi-client capability. Its interface gives the call-center agent a 360 degree view of the customer.

A state of the art website provides an attractive interface for the user. It offers complete self administration of all business processes. 

The Ventocom BSS backend shows all processes, from accounting and payment through logistics and up to regulatory requirements.

For easy connections with external systems (e.g. cooperation partners or third-party APP developers), Ventocom offers APIs for all her functionalities.

For the leading operating systems of smartphones, APPs for customer self-administration are a key component.

The implementation

Phase 1


  • Recommendations for the brand
  • Initial product design
  • Rough planning for marketing and sales
  • Business plan
  • Draft contracts
3 months
Phase 2


  • Check business plan and sensitivities
  • Preparation of contracts
  • Evaluation of brand recommendations
4 - 6 weeks
Phase 3


  • Production of packaging
  • IT implementation
  • Development of launch campaign
  • Setup of logistics
3 - 6 months

Our Team

Christian Fuchs
Margot Hafner-Berchtold
Michael Krammer
Sabine Bauer
Thomas Weber
Aleš Mavec
Customer Operations SI
Angelika Platz
Finance & Controlling
Bence Bálint
IT Operations HU
Bea Budai
Managing Director HU
Christian Schmied
Technology & IT
Csaba Borók
IT Testing HU
Dániel Bálint
Technology & IT
Daniela Zettinig
Organisation & HR
Dávid Sike
IT Operations HU
David Strauss
Technology & IT
Enes Yalcin
Technology & IT
Ernst Kellner
Technology & IT
Erzsébet Priszter
Managing Director HU
Eva Aljančič
Managing Director SI
Franz Baxa
Finance & Taxes
Gábor Révész
IT Development HU
Gábor Szarka
IT Operations HU
Gerd Schneider
Projects & Reporting
Jakob Müller
Finance & Controlling
József Szél
IT Testing HU
Katalin Fónagy
IT Development HU
Lisa-Sophie Scharzenberger
Customer Care
Marko Anžič
Legal, Regulatory SI
Miklós Sándor
IT Development HU
Peter Nebenführ
Marketing & Sales
Péter Pángyánszki
IT Testing HU
Richard Holzer
Technology & IT
Robert Mayer
Technology & IT
Stefan Gebharter
Web & Testing
Stephan Polster
Law & Regulation, external
Tamás Somody
IT Testing HU
Tanja Fuchs
Law & Regulation, external
Thomas Sageder
Technology & IT
Thomas Zils
Project Management, external
Viktor Stramb
IT Operations HU
Zoltán Takács
IT Development HU


HoT is currently the most successful Austrian mobile offering!

HoT offers mobile communications at a „Hofer price“. It combines the benefits prepaid and postpaid phone offerings: full cost control, automatic credit recharge and best-valued tariff packages without a contract. HoT is available in any Hofer store and online at www.hot.at.

According to the test of the Austrian Society for Consumer Research, HoT is the clear test winner out of 20 national providers.

LIWEST mobilzies (Upper) Austria: at a low price, with flexible and quick tariff offerings and without any additional costs!

In cooperation with Austria’s second largest cable network operator LIWEST Kabelmedien GmbH, LIWEST Mobil is focused on customer proximity through personal consultation and support in local LIWEST Shops. Moreover, flexibility and transparency are of utmost importance: no minimum contract period and no hidden costs. Instead, you get self-administrable tariff changes at zero charge and full cost control via web and app. This is LIWEST Mobil.

LIWEST Mobil is available at www.liwest-mobil.at.

Rapid Mobil is the official green and white mobile phone tariff.

With Rapid mobil, you get low-priced calls and exclusive benefits. What is best is, that you support SK Rapid at the same time.

Rapid Mobil is available online in the webshop at www.rapid-mobil.at and in every SK Rapid fanshop.

HoT offers mobile communications at a „Hofer price“ in Slovenia!

HoT combines the benefits of both, prepaid and postpaid offerings: full cost control, automatic credit recharge and best-valued tariff packages without a contract. HoT is available in any Hofer store and online at www.hot.si.

Our Distribution Partners




Promotion and sale of products and brands



Ventocom GmbH
A-1030 Wien Baumgasse 60B

Phone: +43 1 93 20 677
Fax: +43 1 93 20 677 800
Email: info@ventocom.at
Commercial-register-No.: FN 403085y
UID-No.: ATU 68225707

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Ventocom Development Kft
1027 Budapest, Tölgyfa utca 28

Phone: +43 1 93 20 677
Fax: +43 1 93 20 677 800
Email: info@ventocom.at
Commercial-register-No.: 01-09-205926
UID-No.: HU25280728

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Ventocom.SI, telekomunikacije, d.o.o.
1000 Ljubljana, Šmartinska cesta 106

Email: info@ventocom.at
Commercial-register-No.: 7053398000
UID-Nr: SI90349768

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